Automation: Extremely efficient CFD workflow – flow through a valve

In many cases the turnaround time in the CFD process is very important. Therefore, combustion and flow solutions GmbH has implemented an extremely efficient CFD workflow in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ which allows geometry adjustments, remeshing, recomputing the flow field and exporting the results automatically in a loop.

This leads to enormous reduced turnaround time because no interaction from user side is needed. The process runs over night or during the weekend automatically. The user has more time to analyse the results or to setup new cases.

The following example shows as an example the workflow for a flow through a valve. The first step is to define an initial valve lift and to prepare the geometry. In the second step the mesh is computed and the solver is started. Results are shown in plots or stored in tables which can be exported to csv-files.

A loop is defined which allows to run different valve lifts automatically.

Loop 1:

Loop n:



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