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If a man cannot describe a concept simply, no matter how complex the subject, then he does not really understand it. (C. A. Jorgenson)
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[1]"Numerical and Experimental Study of Flame Propagation and Knock in a Compressed Natural Gas Engine", Ch. Lämmle, Ph.D. Dissertation, Technische Wissenschaften, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Nr. 16362, Switzerland, 2006 |pdf|

[2] Christian Laemmle, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Christian Bach: Numerical and Experimental Study of Knock Behaviour in a Turbocharged Compressed Natural Gas Engine, International Journal of Engine Research (submitted)

[3] Christian Lämmle, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Christian Bach: Prediction and Interpretation of Combustion Processes in Natural Gas Engines - A comparative Overview of Simulation Methods for Practical Applications, Konferenzband der 4. Dessauer Gasmotorenkonferenz, Juni 2005 |pdf|

[4]Ch. Bach, Ch. Lämmle, R. Bill, P. Soltic, D. Dyntar, Ph. Janner, K. Boulouchos, Ch. Onder, T. Landenfeld, L. Kercher, O. Seel, J. Baronick: Clean Engine Vehicle: A Natural Gas Driven Euro 4/SULEV with 30%-Reduced CO2-Emissions, SAE paper 2004-01-0645

[5] Christian Lämmle, Christian Bach, Konstantinos Boulouchos: Prozesssimulation in der Erdgasmotorenentwicklung, 6. Int. Tagung ?Motorische Verbrennung" Haus der Technik, Band: Motorische Ver¬brennung: Aktuelle Probleme und moderne Lösungsansätze, Schriftenreihe Heft 3.1, (S. 319 bis 330), 2003 |pdf|

[6] A. Mayer, Th. Lutz, Ch. Lämmle, M. Wyser, F. Legerer: Engine Intake Throttling for Active Regeneration of Diesel Particle Filters, SAE paper 2003-01-0381, 2003

[7] Christian Lämmle, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Christian Bach: Prozesssimulation in der Erdgasmotorenentwicklung, Konferenzband des 11. Internationalen Automobiltechnischen Symposium, EMPA Dübendorf, April 2002


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