Combustion and
Flow Solutions Gmbh

We help development engineers in power engineering see if their products
work before they have to build expensive prototypes and perform extensive testing

Targeted time savings
and cost reduction
development process
Perform variations without
safety risk
Understand how
your product behaves
Make complex physical processes
visible & tangible
Develop more powerful
products in shorter time

Many development engineers today are faced with the great challenge of having to develop ever more efficient products in ever shorter time. Whether the efforts in development are worthwhile, however, can often only be seen after an expensive prototype and extensive tests have been carried out. At the same time, the costs for test benches and the execution of tests are increasing.

Simulation tools support to

  • Investigate different design/product variants quickly and safely
  • Visualize physical processes in many places
  • Reduce time to market and costs

The team of combustion and flow solutions is looking forward to collaborate with you as well.

… and the energy flows …

Satisfied customers
Realized projects
Saving through simulation
Do you want to continue designing, building, testing and at the end you still don't know why the component works - or even worse - why it doesn't work and thus burn a lot of money?
combustion and flow solutions GmbH
About Our Company

Our highly specialised staff offer you a wide range of consulting services for a wide range of industrial applications.

The team of Combustion and flow solutions GmbH (CFS) consists of highly experienced simulation experts. We are specialised in reactive and non-reactive flow simulations (CFD simulations) for technical applications. We use state-of-the-art software and extend it if necessary for customer-specific projects. 

Together with our customers, we develop a strategy to better predict the complex physical processes of technical applications.

We support the development process as an engineering partner in order to reduce costs and achieve a shortening of the “time to market”. In addition, some much knowledge about the complex physical processes involved of your products is generated for you. Our basic principle is customer-specific solutions in an unbureaucratic way.

… and the energy flows …

Current customer projects

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Are there delivery bottlenecks for individual components and you can't develop further?

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