Batteries act like heat sources when charged or discharged. In order to cope with the heat generated in battery cells, an efficient battery cooling system is crucial. Especially in automotive applications high charging and discharging currents are in place. To guarantee optimal performance at any time, the excess energy from the battery cells has to be extracted from the battery pack.

In this case, this is done by a cooling plate where the cells are mounted to. It consists of 3 welded plates. The middle plate shapes the cooling channel.

An important design parameter is the mass flow required to keep the battery cell temperature within the pre-defined safety limits. Thus, the pressure drop across the cooling cycle has to be known in order to select an appropriate pump.

The pressure distribution within the cooling channel is shown in this figure.

The following video shows the temperature and the velocity distribution. 

Furthermore, the filling process of the cooling cycle can be visualised as shown in the following video.