Phenomenological Models and Engine Cycle Simulations

The capability to accurately predict combustion behavior and emission formation during the early stage of new engine developments becomes increasingly…

Early Fire Detection and Gas Propagation in Road Tunnels

In a research project the propagation of different gases has been analysed. The overall objective of the project is to…

Monte Rosa Hut – Temperature distribution in a solar panel

The following example shows the simulation of photovoltaic panel. The scope of the work was to analyse temperature distribution under…

Two-Phase Flows

Two-Phase Flows – Exhaust Gas After Treatment In many technical systems NO-Emissions have to be reduced by SNCR (selective non-catalytic…

Thermal Radiation

Thermal Radiation can be very dangerous for human beings. Therefore, remedial actions are of interest to reduce Radiation Intensity. Tests…

Waste Incinerator

In the following combustion system the interaction between combustion and flow behaviour was investigated and “hot spots” have been identified….