May 20, 2030

Publications: combustion and flow solutions in public


Knowledge is useless unless it is shared. For this reason - and because we are really passionate about what we do - we share our knowledge. For example, in the form of publications in which we collaborate with other specialists in the industry.

We have listed an overview of past publications for you below.

MTZextra: Prüfstande und Simulation für Antriebe (15. December 2023)

Topic: Pilot ignition in future fuels in engine systems – a novel CRFD model approach

Authors: Hegi, J.; Schlatter, S.; Lämmle, C

23rd International Symposium – Automotive and Engine Technology (4. July 2023)

Topic: Pilot ignition in future fuels in engine systems – a novel CRFD model approach

Speaker: Schlatter, S; Lämmle, C

VPE/PLM Workshop: Simulationen in Bauwesen, Architektur und Raumplanung (22. June 2023)

Topic: Virtuelle Ventilation – die Rolle von CFD bei der Untersuchung derAerosolausbreitung in Innenräumen

Speaker: Lämmle, C

Days of Technology 2023 with Suter Industries (20. April 2023)

Topic: 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation of temperaturedistribution in a cooled charging cable for high power charging (HPC)application

Speaker: Lämmle, C

Handbook of Thermal Management of Engines
(Springer Verlag, First Edition 2022)

Diesel Engine Throttling — The classic tool: The adjustment of exhaust gas temperature for exhaust gas cleaning by catalytic converters and filters: From the beginnings to the state of the art for Euro 6/VI (Mayer, A.; Lämmle, Ch., et al., p. 181 et seq.)

Decoupling Temperature and Oxygen for DPF Regeneration (Mayer, A.; Lämmle, Ch., p. 261 et seq.)

Live Webinar: Siemens Virtual ICE Conference 2022 (20. October 2022)

Topic: Combustion in engines: not dead yet and still a lot to learn?

Speakers: Schlatter, St.; Lämmle, Ch.

Panel discussion: FDP Russikon (May 2022)

Topic: Mobilität: Rahmenbedingungen, Dieselskandal, e-Mobilität, Zukunftsperspektiven

Speaker: Lämmle, Christian 

VPE/PLM Swiss Symposium, OST Schweizer university of applied sciences, Rapperswil (June 2022)

Topic: Thermal management by means of 3D CFD simulations

Speaker: Lämmle, Christian 

Siemens Digital Enterprise Connection (June 2019)

Topic: Thermal management by means of 3D CFD simulations. A CFD tour through components for the future energy system

Speaker: Lämmle, Christian 

Economy Club Zürich (May 2019 )

Topic: Mobilität: Rahmenbedingungen, Dieselskandal, e-Mobilität, Zukunftsperspektiven

Speakers: Lämmle, Christian 

Lions Club Tösstal (April 2017)

Topic: Future Mobility – Wohin steuert die Mobilität?

Speakers: Lämmle, Christian 

Swiss Engineering: Swiss Technical Journal (July/August 2015)

Topic: Fire protection: simulating fires on the PC

Speakers: Lämmle, Christian 

GT Conference 2014 (October 2014)

Topic: Concept Evaluation and Optimization of a 2-Stage Charging System

Speakers: Mühlebach, Pascal; Lämmle, Christian; Gohl, Daniel; Fledersbacher, Peter; Obrecht, Peter; Boulouchos, Konstantinos

SAE Technical paper (October 2014)

Topic: Influence of EGR on Post-injection Effectiveness in a Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Fuelled with n-heptane

Authors: Pandurangi, S., Frapolli, N., Bolla, M., Boulouchos, K. & Wright, Y.M

SAE Technical paper (October 2014)

Topic: Numerical Modelling and Experimental Characterization of a Pressure-assisted Multi-stream Injector for SCR Exhaust Gas After-treatment

Authors: Varna, A., Boulouchos, K., Spiteri, A., Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, P. & Wright, Y.M.

SAE Technical paper (March 2014)

Topic: Numerical Study of the Influence of EGR on In-Cylinder Soot Characteristics in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine using CMC

Authors: Farrace, D.; Bolla, M.; Wright, Y.; Boulouchos, K.

SAE Int. J. Engines 6 (3) (September 2013)

Topic: Predicting In-Cylinder Soot in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine for Variations in SOI and TDC Temperature Using the Conditional Moment Closure Model

Authors: Farrace, D., Bolla, M., Wright, Y.M. & Boulouchos, K.

Konferenz: ILASS Italien (September 2008)

Topic: Experimental and numerical investigations of a none swirling hollow cone injector

Speakers: Vandersickel A., Schmid A., Wright Y.M., Lämmle C. und Boulouchos K.

Research-Projekt (April 2006)

Topic: Numerical and Experimental Study of Knock Behaviour in a Turbocharged Compressed Natural Gas Engine

Authors: Lämmle, Christian 

PhD thesis of Christian Lämmle (ETH Zurich, Empa Dübendorf) (April 2006)

Topic: Numerical and Experimental Study of Flame Propagation and Knock in a Compressed Natural Gas Engine

Author: Lämmle, Christian

Conference Proceedings of the 4th Dessau Gas Engine Conference (June 2005)

Topic: Prediction and Interpretation of Combustion Processes in Natural Gas Engines – A comparative Overview of Simulation Methods for Practical Applications

Speakers: Lämmle, Ch.; Boulouchos, K.; Bach, Ch.

SAE International (Technical Papers) (June 2004)

Topic: Clean Engine Vehicle: A Natural Gas Driven Euro 4/SULEV with 30%-Reduced CO2-Emissions

Authors: Bach, Ch.; Lämmle, Ch.; R., Bill: Soltic,  P.; Dyntar, D.; Janner, Ph.; Boulouchos, K.; Onder, Ch.; Landenfeld, T.; Kercher, L.; Seel, O.; Baronick, J.

SAE International (Technical Papers) (Januar 2003)

Topic: Engine Intake Throttling for Active Regeneration of Diesel Particle Filters

Authors: Mayer, A.; Lutz, Th.; Lämmle, Ch.; Wyser, M.; Legerer, F.