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combustion and flow solutions is dedicated to partnering with development engineers. Our team thoroughly
evaluates the functionality of your components, provides visualized optimization solutions, and significantly
minimizes the need for costly prototype builds and extensive testing.

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Combustion and Flow Solutions GmbH is a team of experts for reactive and non-reactive flow calculations (CFD simulations).

The focus is on customer-specific solutions for predicting complex physical processes in technical applications.

We help our customers reduce time-to-market and maximize the potential of their products.

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High performance cooling of a charging cable for HPC/MWC application

How the cooling can be assured for very high currents

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CFD-Simulation of a valve

Learn how to reduce pressure drop (energy efficiency) while maintaining mass throughput.

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Pilot Ignition in Future Fuels in Engine Systems

How to design modern (almost) carbon free internal combustion engines

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What our customers say about us

„Through the targeted and precise analysis and interpretation of the results, we have achieved an even better understanding of how we can increase the efficiency of our energy systems. This enables us to devise even more targeted solutions for our customers.“

Jörg Jermann

Head of Technology & Production Avesco Energiesysteme AG

"Step by step, we were able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the components through the CFD calculations and thus develop a much better configuration in the end. With this large machine, it would have been impossible to test several times. Therefore, the CFD calculations allowed us to build the first prototype directly with a very efficient solution."

Stefan Aschwanden

Innovation Technology Manager Wärtsilä Services Switzerland Ltd

“I am impressed by the professionalism and know-how of combustion and flow solution (cfs). Thanks to their expertise, we were able to solve a complex flow problem quickly and, most importantly, efficiently. I would recommend cfs to anyone looking for a quality CFD simulation.“

Alessandro Giussani

Chief Technical Officer, Suter Industries AG/Suter Racing

„Through the detailed calculations, we learned a lot about how the flame-wall interaction occurs and how the single components must be built. As a result, not all variants had to be implemented in the test, which led to enormous time and cost savings.“

Mathias Müller

Projectmanager, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH Rolls Royce Power Systems

"The CFD calculations of cfs have shown us, in the case of a new furnace, where emissions originate and how they propagate inside the furnace. This has shown us that our concept works and the furnace can be built. We have been able to gain a great deal of new knowledge through the analysis."

Hannes Piringer

Technical Director, Maerz Ofenbau AG

What CFD simulations do

Make complicated things simple to see.

Seeing is understanding: combustion and flow solutions digitizes and visualizes the physical processes of your components. Based on this, clear optimization recommendations can be derived.

Maximize product potential in the shortest possible time.

The visualization of e. g. flows within your components makes weak points visible. 
The result is a concrete need for action, which helps you to start directly with the implementation. 
This saves time and money and maximizes your efficiency.

A clear understanding of your product instead of abstraction.

combustion and flow solutions takes your product understanding to a new level. This is achieved with the use of state-of-the-art development tools. This sometimes results in valuable insights for future component designs. In this way, you increase the development quality for future products.


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Effective component development. 
Minimal use of resources.

Additional optimization phases of component design massively exhaust human and monetary resources. combustion and flow solutions breaks your trial and error cycle. Convince yourself with the free potential analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of CFD simulations?

CFD simulations help development engineers in energy technology to see whether their products,parts or components work before they have to carry out expensive prototypes and elaborate tests. We do this by mapping the components digitally (digital twin) on the computer and calculating the flow, temperature distribution, pressure distribution, etc., thereby identifying potential for improvement at an early stage.

Which problems do CFD simulations solve? 

CFD simulation can be used for all components through which something flows. The same applies to an exact analysis of the heat distribution. In this way, excessive pressure losses, temperatures or, in the case of combustion processes, CO2 emissions can be reduced.

How can you support the optimization of products? 

If you have an existing component, we would be very happy to discuss the current results in an analysis meeting. Based on this, we will work out a solution together to achieve your goals.

What is the process of a CFD simulation?

CAD data and the operating conditions (initial and boundary conditions) always serve as input variables. Based on this, we read this data and create a CFD model, with meshing and applied initial and boundary conditions. In addition, based on your objectives, we select the physics to be applied. This is then calculated and finally the results can be visualized in 3D. Together, based on these findings, we define how the geometry and/or operating conditions need to be adjusted to achieve the objectives.

Do you also offer training on CFD simulations?

User trainings are possible for specific application areas of the software. However, we do not offer training on the basic operation of the software.

Which software do you use for CFD simulations? 

We use Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for geometry preparation, CFD calculation and visualization. STAR-CCM+ is an all-in-one package that covers all physical topics.

How long does it take to run CFD simulations?

A CFD simulation takes up to five days for simple geometries and simple physics. For particularly complex geometries or fully automated optimization calculations, it takes up to four months.