January 2, 2020

Automation of CFD simulation.


In many cases, the time factor of a CFD calculation is decisive. For this purpose, combustion and flow solutions have established an extremely efficient CFD process via Simcenter STAR-CCM+. This allows an fully automatic adjustment of the geometry, recalculation of the mesh and calculation of the flow field. In addition, the results are automatically exported.

This reduces the processing time enormously, as there is no interaction on the part of the user. The process runs automatically overnight or over the weekend. This gives the user valuable time to analyze results and set up further necessary calculations.

The following example shows the CFD process for a flow through a valve. In the first step, the initial valve stroke is defined and the geometry is prepared. This is followed by the calculation of the computational mesh and the start of the solver. The results are displayed in graphs or stored in tables and additionally exported as .csv files. A loop is defined so that the flow for various valves can be calculated automatically.

One of the biggest advantages of a CFD simulation is presenting the results on different levels and from different angles. Take a look at the following animation:

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