November 28, 2022

Compression ignition internal combustion engine


How to develop a modern and efficient internal combustion engine

Current and future engine emission regulations and the imminent need to reduce fuel consumption drive the development of future engine applications, capable of running on conventional diesel and/or renewable e-fuels. Although the trend to electrification and new fuels is pronounced and proceeding fast, some applications will remain where the conventional compression ignition engine will still play an important role during the next few years.

The presented work demonstrates the application of a compression ignition internal combustion engine where an existing engine design with existing injection parameters was analysed. A next step can be the variation of single components or operating conditions or even a fully automated combined optimisation of the bowl design and the injection parameters.

The following video shows the temperature in the combustion chamber and the injected droplets for a single operating point.


The ECFM-CLEH model with tabulated kinetics and look-up tables for laminar flame speeds and equilibrium compositions for the fuel was used here (STAR-CCM+ In-Cylinder Solutions).


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