February 9, 2020

Design optimization of a battery cooling system


Design optimization of a battery cooling system

Batteries emit heat during their charging and discharging. To deal with this energy, an efficient battery cooling system is needed. Especially in the automotive sector, high currents flow during charging processes. To ensure that maximum power is available at all times, the heat produced in the cells must be dissipated from the battery.

In this case, a cooling plate is used on which the cells are mounted. It consists of 3 plates welded together, the middle plate being the shape of the cooling channel.

An important parameter is the mass flow of the coolant. This determines how much heat can be dissipated to control the temperature in the battery cells within a specific range. Accordingly, the pressure drop from the cooling system must be known so that a suitable pump can be selected.

The pressure distribution in the cooling channel can be seen in the picture below:

This short clip shows the temperature distribution in the system and the coolant flow:

The filling process of the cooling system can also be closely examined:

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