February 28, 2023

Temperature distribution in a power distribution box


Power is distributed in a battery-electric vehicle via a power distribution box. During operation, the current conductors heat up to a certain temperature level due to today's high current levels. For a defined power, larger conductor diameters lead to lower temperatures. This is advantageous for durability, but it increases material costs.

The objectives of the investigation carried out can be summarized as follows:

1.  To create a show case that demonstrates the temperature distribution using simulation in a power distribution box.

2. To provide a reference for future investigation.

3. To investigate through simulation how the HVDU behaves under transient conditions.

For this purpose, a predefined drive cycle with the corresponding current curve was imposed. The following figure shows the driving cycle used:

The results have shown that the temperature is far from the critical value. The following figure shows the temperature curve:

See the temperature distribution for all components by the end of the driving cycle:

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